Since 1999, Meteor has designed and manufactured custom paintball guns and parts at the highest level of the sport. Founded by former professional paintball player Fabrice Halmone and later joined by former professional paintball player Gant MacLellan, Meteor has a combined experience of over 45 years and counting.

Through a deep love for the game and a strong passion for the players, Meteor is dedicated to driving the sport of paintball and making it’s mark on the industry.

Fabrice Halmone

Fab was born in 1979 in Geneva, Switzerland the capital of precision machining and mechanical watches. In 1993, he played his first game with his brother Fred at an indoor field near their home. Instantly becoming hooked, they played paintball every chance they could…dreaming of one day becoming professional players themselves. 2 years later he created Team Crows competing in local and national tournaments, where he met legendary player Pete “Robbo” Robinson at an event in Paris. A mentor who would shape his future paintball career. He turned pro in 1996, playing on teams Turks UK, Enemy, Aftershock, Shockwave UK, Shockwave California, Camp Tigers, Hellwood, TonTons and Arsenal. Not interested in traditional school, he followed his passion building custom paintball guns, teaching himself industrial design, and ultimately creating METEOR in 1999. Over the years the sport and METEOR evolved from making mechanical autocockers and sterling pumps to electronic Angels, Bushmasters, Impulses, and Shockers. In 2005, Fab became the head designer for Kingman (Spyder) and spent most of his time traveling between California and Taiwan. Transitioning from behind the drawing table that he started on into 3D design. Thanks to a friend who ran part of Spyder’s production, he was able to learn CNC programming and eventually setup his own machines at his home in the Swiss Alps. In 2013 he left paintball for a fresh perspective, developing new design projects for different industries.  It wasn’t until 2017, after coming across an old photo of his brothers stolen Autococker, that he decided to recreate it as a surprise for his 40th birthday…reigniting his passion for the sport and rebuilding the METEOR brand.

Gant MacLellan

Gant began his paintball career in 1997 at the age of 11 after falling in love with an Action Pursuit Games magazine at a local grocery store. He played his first game the following weekend at the renowned southeastern field, Paintball Atlanta. Playing every weekend there after and reffing up to 4 times per week just to have enough paint to be able to practice.  Growing up idolizing local pro players such as Jason Green, Todd Traczyk, Lane Wright, LD, Joe Fortin, Shawn Ellis, Steve Hamman, and many more. Eventually he earned the opportunity to tryout for and join teams 2Xtreme and Team Xtreme competing in over 25 tournaments across the southeast in his first year. Tournaments including the NPPL, WPF, MSPA, Mardi Gras Open, and Florida Sunshine Series. In 2003 after taking a year off from the sport to attend college, he went onto compete in Division 2 Xball in 2004 and later join the two time NXL Championship team, The Philadelphia Americans. A childhood dream come true and an unforgettable experience to grow as a player. Balancing a college education, accumulating over 300,000 skymiles, and competing in three leagues around the world including the NXL, NPPL, and Millennium series. After graduating from the University of Georgia in 2008 with a degree in Consumer Economics, Gant retired from the professional scene. Today in addition to growing the METEOR brand, he still competes nationally in mechanical tournaments with team Saberwolves. #ChaseYourDreams100%