• This paintball product is not a toy.
  • Misuse or mishandling can result in serious injury or death.
  • Recommended at least 18 years of age to purchase; under 18 must have adult supervision.
  • Eye, ear, face, and head protection meeting ASTM/CE industry standards and specifically designed for paintball, must be worn by the user and any person within range.  Including but not limited to disassembly, maintenance, assembly, target practice, etc.
  • Never point at anyone not wearing proper protection or who is not in a designated paintball playing area.
  • Treat every paintball marker as if it were loaded and able to fire; never look down the barrel of a loaded or unloaded paintball marker.
  • Before gassing up, ensure all screws and components are tightened and secured.
  • Always chronograph your marker before playing paintball and ensure velocities don’t exceed speeds greater than local or national laws allow.
  • Never point or shoot at animals, houses, cars, or law enforcement officers; using paintball markers outside licensed and insured paintball fields can be illegal and subject to law.   
  • Only use .68 caliber paintballs; do not attempt to freeze paintballs or fire any foreign objects.
  • Always use a paintball barrel blocking device when your marker is not in use.
  • Before performing any disassembly or maintenance, remove all paintballs and ensure your gas source is removed. Ensure any residual air is not stored inside the regulator and or marker.
  • Installations, repairs, or modifications should always be performed by a qualified technician at a licensed and insured paintball facility.
  • If after reading these safety guidelines you are unsure about any of the information, please contact Meteor Paintball™ directly at or seek additional professional support.
  • By purchasing this paintball product you assume all liabilities.
  • Meteor Paintball™ will not be held liable for injuries or death sustained for failure to follow these safety guidelines.
  • Transfer these important safety guidelines and instructions upon resale or new ownership.

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